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Changzhou Ouna Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.To create the drying equipment industry leader brand

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Changzhou Ouna Drying Equipment Co.,ltd.
Address:Chajiawan , Jiao xi zhen, Changzhou, Jiangsu province ,China
Contact:Wu Yaohong (General Manager)

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      Changzhou City, Europe and take drying equipment Co., Ltd. is an earlier establishment of the drying equipment production base, is a collection development, design, production, service and development of various types of drying equipment as one of the specialized enterprises. Dry industry focus on key enterprises, the company is ISO9001-GB/T19001 certification enterprises, Jiangsu Province, the quality of the trust companies. Products of similar products, with its strong technical force, sophisticated technology and equipment, strict testing means, concessions, flexible marketing strategy and perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, by the user's trust and satisfaction. To this end, we sincerely welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to visit our company site visits, advice, negotiate, ask for information...

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National Service Hotline0519-88908708

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